Mars enters Gemini. Picture by Eberhard Grossgasteiger on Pexels.

Mars enters Gemini, March 4, 2021 — Think and Act

Today, March 4, 2021, very early in the morning (on March 3, in the US), Mars wrapped up its slow, steady transit through Venusian terrain and eagerly broke forth into Gemini, shaking off the blissful torpor of Taurus — the sign of Mars’ detriment — and setting on a quest through the mutable, scattered, cerebral sphere of Mercury.

Not only this is a time when conversations become ebullient, information can be weaponized and words can conquer, sever, forge paths. Leaving Taurus for Gemini, Mars unknots the strained square to the Aquarius placements (currently, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter, in this order), and actually starts harmonizing with them via a sympathetic, sign-based trine. Which means that much of the frustration we’ve been grappling with ever since Mars stationed Retrograde in Aries, on September 10, 2020, will begin to dissipate, like caustic vapour that once clouded our vision and paralyzed our limbs.

Mars in Gemini is armed with Mercury’s wit, silver tongue and talaria. It’s swift, cunning, and smooth-spoken. It knows the power of waymaking through speech, while, perhaps, being oblivious to the potentially earth-shattering impact words can have when wielded hapharzadly. If Marks itself walks the fine line between forging and severing, the Mercurial lucidity of the Twins can help harnessing its raw power into sensible action — especially if Mars is your out of sect malefic, or if this inflamed, vehement God of strife is transiting your hidden houses (the Eighth and Twelfth House in particular mode).

Mars will leave Gemini for Cancer in late April, 2021.  

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Picture by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.

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