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I like to think of Mars in Sagittarius as a fiery silver lining. In the midst of the crackling, sizzling tension of the Eclipse season. In the midst of the seriousness, the duty-bound solemnity of the Capricorn stellium era. Mars, planet of action and assertion, enters jovial Sagittarius on January 3, 2020, immediately linking up with Chiron in Aries via a frictionless, supportive trine.

This is good news for all of those who are still in the dark about the message and purpose of this heavy load of stern, Saturnine energy — how to work with it. What to make of it. What to commit to. What to keep. For those of us who have been wading through mental, spiritual and emotional treacle lately, hopeless, disoriented, perhaps even questioning, crushed by doubt, tortured by anguish, Mars in Sagittarius is a bit of a saving grace — the manna from heaven. There’s nothing like the wide-ranging energy of Sagittarius, the sign of hope and faith, of philosophy and education, of all that is wild, untamed and free, to awake us to the whole range of options, possibilities and directions before our very eyes.

Life doesn’t always work out the way we intend it to — not even with all of the goal-oriented Capricorn energy the cosmos can bestow on us. Becoming fixated on one single option and getting too attached to an overly specific idea of the “perfect outcome” rarely spares us from the very consequence we strive to avoid — remaining stuck in the very same rut we’re trying to escape from. Mars in Sagittarius reminds us that, if we avoid holding on too tightly to our preconceived notions of success, of what the proper reward for our efforts is supposed to be, we might discover a whole world of actual, profitable, feasible opportunities that were previously flying under our radar.  

There are times when we need to stick with what we know. Other times, regardless of what we’ve been told, it’s better and perhaps even vital to contemplate the what ifs. Mars in Sagittarius comes to rip off the blinders of our anxiety and expand our vision: there is a lot more happening in the world than what we are currently focusing (obsessing?) on. There are myriad of ways that lead to the same destination… or to a different destination that is more suitable, more aligned to our identity as we’ve come to understand it, to our current desires, to the person we are becoming. To our beliefs.  

“Belief” is a major Sagittarius keyword, the motivation behind the Centaur’s every move, the driving force that propels him towards distant horizons and unknown destinations. Sagittarius is all about believing before seeing — this is where the proverbial optimism of the sign comes from. The Capricorn stellium has got us covered — our actions, from the smallest steps to the boldest gestures, will produce results at this time, very tangible and practical ones, so we might as well have faith, and let ourselves be healed and comforted by it.

We’ve come this far; it wasn’t a coincidence, and it wasn’t a mistake.

Mars will leave Sagittarius for Capricorn on February 17, 2020.

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