Mars enters Pisces. Picture by Karina Maria on DeviantArt

Mars enters Pisces, May 13, 2020 — Ocean

As it’s probably the case with many of us, I didn’t realize the extent to which I internalized capitalism until it was time for our physical reality to slow down. The obsession with productivity. Feeling as though you’re not doing enough. Not being enough. Feeling cursed and ashamed because your body is constantly fighting against an inflammation of your internal organs and it makes you chronically fatigued and therefore unable to measure up to commonly recognized standards of efficiency (I am a spoonie). Mourning the loss of the vital sap of your inspiration. Feeling like the words that would once flow so easily from the well of your heart to the tip of your fingers have deserted you. Unable to enjoy the free time you have on your hands without turning it into something productive. Buoyant Jupiter transiting the sign of his fall and finding himself in close proximity to Saturn and Pluto probably didn’t help.

This is why the prospect of Mars transiting Pisces fills me with something that I could almost call relief. Right now, I could use a water sign transit to remind me of the only way I can feel human and worthy of being here, regardless of how much I produce or consume, how booked I am, how much money I make. Water on scorched skin. Muffled underwater sounds dulling the noise in my head. Losing direction. Finding myself at the bottom of the ocean. Taking it from there.

Mars enters Pisces tomorrow, May 13, 2020, on the same day Venus stations Retrograde in Gemini (note that I’m based in Europe, so the exact dates might change depending on your actual time zone). Venus is but one of the many bodies that are turning retrograde this month: Saturn has stationed Retrograde a few days back, Pluto has been backtracking through Capricorn since April 25, and Jupiter is next. However, this synchronization between the Goddess of Pleasure reaching a standstill while forming a square to Neptune, and the Deity of Rage and Passion plunging into the ocean of bliss and intoxication that is Pisces, seems to emphasize a definite change of pace in the atmosphere all around us.  

Mars simmers down in Pisces. Technically, this is not the sign of Mars’ fall (Cancer), nor detriment (Libra, Taurus), and yet, it’s hardly a good fit for a warrior. Pisces is a vision. A psychotropic trip. A moon-shaped pool. Mars in Pisces is an underwater Mars, upside down, swamped by the currents, dragged to the deep ocean floor, the shoreline — or the surface, for that matter — nowhere in sight. Surrendering to pressure and learning to blend in with the deep sea fish is the only way for Mars to survive in such a foreign environment.

For us, this means laying our bodies — and minds — to rest. There is more to rest than just inactivity. In many ways, rest is a political practice, as well as a sacred one. It’s about reclaiming sovereignty over our own limbs. It’s learning to float, rather than endlessly trashing around. Letting go, holding space for the Numinous, receiving and downloading from the Source, becoming One with the flow.

While Mars wafts through Pisces, indirect action in the form of drifting and allowing can be just as effective as pushing and initiating. Pisces Mars is not really about forcing and achieving, as much as drifting, releasing tension, creating ripples and making sure we steer clear from the deepest oceanic trenches that might suck us under — read: scenarios and situations that might bring out our self-sabotaging tendencies and cause us to undo ourselves. That is perhaps the only factor that is almost completely under our control when it comes to working with Piscean energy.

That, and the generative mesmerism of our dreamscape. Mars in Pisces encourages us to explore those liminal spaces of the Soul where the world can be dreamed into being; playing with the Gods and ancestral longings that inhabit our inner landscape, tapping into our godlike ideality and holding the vision that emerges until the lighthouses start beckoning to us again.

When grind culture tries to strip us of our own power and agency, resting and allowing ourselves to replenish our magick — through creative visualization, meditation, spellwork and any other method we feel called to approach — is the most effective way of taking it all back.

As Mars enters Pisces, it’s all about honoring the ups and downs of our energy levels, our emotional bandwidth, our actual capacity, the oscillating nature of our output, and let the rest take care of itself. As much of a cliché it might seem, things truly need to unfold as they’re meant to while Mars transits the most fluid, unshapely sign of the Zodiac.

Mars will leave Pisces for Aries on June 28, 2020.

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Picture by KarinaMaria on DeviantArt.

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