Mars enters Aquarius. Photo by Manideep on Pexels.

Mars enters Aquarius, March 30, 2020 — The Space between Two Worlds

In my mind, I have always pictured Aquarian energy as the action of flipping a switch. It’s a metaphor that seems so appropriate to me to convey the swift, voltaic action of this archetype. Aquarius is the social reformist of the Zodiac. In spite of its Fixed nature, its purpose is not that of preserving. Aquarius is Fixed and refractory in its uncompromising pursuit of a new order.

At this time, most of us are realizing that the global Covid-19 pandemic is much more than a crisis. It’s a switching point. Few of us want things to go back to what they were. We’re not wishing to go back to the old normal. We are collectively striving for a new normal, one that doesn’t put profit before the people, or humans before the planet. Collectively, we’re discovering our better Self: unsurprisingly, previously published case studies show that, in times of acute crisis, people tend to come together rather than tear each other apart.

Both Mars and Saturn are our guides in the new, unmapped, uncharted territory of social solidarity on a global scale. Saturn as the official policy, Mars as the call to action. As in: there is no time to hesitate, or be uncertain — there is work to do. Preferably now. Ready or not. We might not feel ready, but we were born to be, and we’re writing the history of this moment, together — each one of us. And the outcasts, those who didn’t fit, never found a home within the old paradigm, are leading the way. Saturn entered Aquarius on March 22; Mars will follow suit on March 30, prompting us to get involved in the subversion of the obsolete status quo via practical steps that help bringing back a sense of community and cohesion between human beings.

Aquarius is radical, inclusive, intersectional. The Water Bearer lives and thrives outside norms and binaries, in the company of rebels, outsiders and activists. Aquarius champions collective equality and personal freedom: none of us is free until all of us are free. It encourages us to embrace our quirks, to pitch in with our own unique gifts and skills for the sake of humanity’s progress and liberation. From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. As Mars enters Aquarius, in a time where institutions and governments are mostly failing their citizens in providing adequate support and assistance, we’re encouraged to be there for one another in eager, proactive, grassroots-type ways, no matter the distance between us. Mars in Aquarius asks us to center mutual support in our daily practices, compatibly with our individual abilities and with the restrictive measures we’re currently adopting in order to flatten the curve of new infections.

The digital environment (Aquarius), which has been a vehicle for advocacy, mass mobilization and political action for decades, provides unlimited and inexpensive ways to  build and develop various forms of self-organized social solidarity. From connecting with people and holding space for their feelings, to  embracing and offering our unique gifts to the world, or making donations to those who need it most, supporting small, creative, BIPOC or Queer-operated businesses, the options are virtually limitless, and the ingenious, electrifying style of Mars in Aquarius will surely assist us in discovering even more ways to do our part, no matter how small, in this collective shift towards a new normality. One in which there’s room for altruism, equality and togetherness.

Mars leaves Aquarius for Pisces on May 13.

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