Mars stations Direct. Image by Rhii Photography on Unsplash.

Mars stations Direct, November 14, 2020 — Our Swords

I woke up this morning to the sizzling feeling of a strangely buzzing world, and of my freshly burnt finger throbbing — Mars, feisty warrior, had stationed direct during the night (or late in the evening on November 13, depending on your time zone), at 15°13 of the sign of Aries, and the shift is already palpable and very, very embodied.

Mars has been patrolling his domicile sign ever since June 28, 2020 — time zoomed by for a couple months, and then, on September 10, the day of the Retrograde station, everything went still. Mars stationing Retrograde is actually a sporadic occurrence: the Red Planet goes retrograde about every two years, which makes it one of the least frequent planetary retrogrades. Retrograde Mars is a truce, a ceasefire. Reality slows to a crawl — especially the areas associated with the houses in our chart that are directly impacted by the Retrograde cycle. House fifth and tenth, for me.

Projects are put on hold. Action tends to stall. Tactical doctrines are overhauled. Life feels suspended, like dust particles scattering the path of light. The limbo-ish quality of the past few weeks probably encouraged us to solidify our positions and defences, and devising different strategies to manage our energy, rather than spurring us to charge ahead and seize uncharted territories.

But today, as Mars stations Direct, it feels like the Judgment Tarot card — like we’re being called forth, summoned, from our trenches and hiding places and outposts.  Mars is still extremely, painstakingly slow, even though it will pick up speed throughout the next weeks and exit the shadow zone during the first week of January 2021. We might feel an inkling of what we’re supposed to do next, where we’re supposed to go, and we might feel a great deal of frustration over not quite knowing for sure just yet.  The directions feel muffled and unclear, as though they’re reaching us from a thousand miles away — aren’t we supposed to shake off the cobwebs and forge ahead, to conquer and achieve and make up for all the supposedly lost time?

I hope you are not attaching this transactional quality to inactivity and confusion and pausing your life to recalibrate it. And if you are, it’s okay. This moment is an offering. An invitation to dwell in that weightless space for a little while still. Just because we can’t seem to act on this energy right away and put what we have learned into practice and do all the things we feel we’re supposed to do, does not mean that nothing is happening at all. Try not to rush through this awakening. Hum along with that buzz. Things are quietly falling into place.

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