Libra Ascendant. Picture by Flora Westbrook on Pexels.

Libra Ascendant Explained

With Libra as your Rising Sign, your outward identity and relationship with the surrounding world is perpetually embedded into a “Me-Other” dialectic, and is channelled into a relational approach to reality; you constantly see yourself through the eyes of “the Other”, and are equally able to reflect others back at themselves. Weighing every side of a situation or decision comes natural to you, as you prefer to keep an all-encompassing view that — at lest ideally — transcends the mere subjectivity.

Relationships, especially of the one-on-one kind (romantic, counselling, etc.), have paramount importance in your life, because you recognize the importance of human contacts in propelling each of the two individuals towards the achievement of their highest potential. We could say that, regardless of the level — conscious or subconscious — on which it is experienced and recognized, your experience as a human in this world rotates around reciprocity and relating to other human beings in order to learn from them.This extends to your external ways: you likely have a gentle approach, a charming demeanor, and you’re generally rather accommodating.

Usually polite and with a friendly exterior, you feel best when you can smooth things out, and thrive in harmonious situations free from conflict and friction. When taken to the extreme, this attitude exposes you to the risk of becoming a doormat and disregarding your needs, because fairness in others’ treatment is equally important to you as your own well-being, and you find it difficult to totally separate your subjective interest from that of others: they are all on the same plane in your vision. This makes you very adaptable, but it’s a versatility that only partly conceals a rigorous commitment to your ideals of justice, which deeply influence your style of interpersonal relationships.

You are probably very concerned about your physical appearance and aware of the way you are being perceived. Mostly, you tend to come across as someone naturally sophisticated, with a smooth and captivating exterior presentation. Your outward looks matters to you, and you’re keen on presenting yourself in a way that reflects your attitude towards people: graceful and pleasant to be around.

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