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Leo Ascendant Explained

As a Leo rising individual, you’re ruled by the Sun: warm and proud, you interact with the world around you through the filter of your own subjectivity. Your outlook on life is informed by your constant process of self-exploration, and you constantly relate every element of reality to your own perception and experience.

Aware of what you bring to the table and interested in clarifying your role in every scenario, you possess a deep-rooted sense of your own dignity, and a strong willpower that preserves you in the face of adversity. This is easily sensed by others: there is a certain quality of magnetism about you, a subtle (or not so subtle) charisma that causes you to stand out among people, whether you consciously want it or not.

Generally seen as entertaining and fun to be around, even though not necessarily extroverted (this depends on a number of other factors in our chart), you’re playful and loyal to those you trust; affectionate and demonstrative in a way that is as captivating as it’s untamed, you appreciate being at the center of your loved ones’ attention, but you hold them in the same high regard. Your faithfulness to them is next to undying, at least until your trust is betrayed. You’re likely to be very proud, and you might have a hard time accepting apologies that don’t come from a place of genuine awareness and accountability.

In the same way you desire admiration, you’re also likely quick to compliment others and make them feel good about themselves, encouraging them to shine; thus, you’re often turned to for encouragement and empowerment, which you readily share with others, because of your big and generous heart.

With Leo as your rising sign, you can’t help being very appearance-conscious and aware of the way others perceive you. Your self-image is of paramount importance in your interaction with people and situations
around you. An unbalanced expression of this self-regard, which is so relevant in your modality of approaching reality, can increase the likelihood of blind spots about your flaws and missteps.

Too, your pride can keep you from honestly admitting your mistakes, and your Ego is easily bruised. In the most extreme scenarios, you can be given to excessive self-indulgence and a tendency to overestimate yourself, taking on a childlike disposition in rejecting criticism. But on the positive side, the majestic symbolism of Leo translates into a noble, affectionate Soul whose virtue is hard to match. Exploring the world equates to exploring yourself to you, and vice-versa.

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Pic by Film Bros on Pexels

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