Jupiter in Capricorn, 2019 – 2020 – The Only Way

When we think of Jupiter, we think of doors being open, abundant blessings, benevolent protection. Ever since the ancient times, the largest planet in our Solar System was dubbed “The Great Benefic” and associated with wealth, generosity and good fortune. Like any other planet, Jupiter too is subjected to a system of dignities and debilities; unsurprisingly, Capricorn, the domain of the so-called “Great Malefic”, Saturn, is the sign of the larger-than-life planet’s fall. Capricorn is also the next stop in the Great Benefic’s journey through the skies: Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2, 2019, and remains in the sign until December 18, 2020. After revelling in the euphoria of Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius, savouring the taste of boundless opportunities and infinite possibilities, it’s more than understandable for us to have questions about what happens next.

It’s true, Jupiter is leaving the familiar ground of Sagittarius for an on off-trail exploration of the least welcoming terrain ever: Capricorn, the astrological kingdom of the mountain goat, where “luck” and “blessing” are words spoken in a foreign language. So are “benevolence” and “protection”. Ambition is Capricorn’s currency; integrity is its core value; hard work is the foundational concept of Capricorn’s reality. And “reality” is indeed a keyword we would do well to keep in mind, as every encounter with Capricorn is an encounter with the labyrinths passageways and geometries of the material world and its practical, realistic possibilities.

Really, though. What happens next?

Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn will not reverse our luck, shatter our dreams or frustrate our endeavours. Quite the contrary.

As it’s the case with every transit, Jupiter in Capricorn can and will bestow growth and evolution. Just not in an effortless, carefree fashion. “Integrity” and “hard work”, remember? Progress, the Capricorn way, follows a well-defined course, planned beforehand and with a clear sense of direction in mind.

Jupiter in Capricorn has a lot to teach us about the power of our intent and the extent of our ambition. He has wonders to show us, and rewards to bestow – proven that we have paved the way and walked the talk. Pardon the mundane metaphor, but Jupiter in Capricorn pretty much operates like a metaphysical Ikea: our fortune is ready-to-assemble. The future is ours to actively shape; the toolkit is in our hands. Positive outcomes ensue when we make it a point to follow the laws of time, matter and space, putting in the work and conducting ourselves with maturity in the process. An accurate assessment of our skills sets the bar for what we can or can’t achieve in this physical reality.

Compared to Jupiter in Sagittarius, this might seem like a sobering transit; the truth is that Jupiter in Capricorn will actually provide plenty of opportunities to ground and develop the knowledge, wisdom and insight we attained throughout the past year. Think of dreams finally made flesh – of the raw material of our visions finally finding its mold. We can build, brick by brick; reach, step after calculated step, and conquer. That of Capricorn is a solitary climb: the goat is not a sociable animal. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to feel perhaps a bit cut-off from our peers while we make our moves.

From a global standpoint, Jupiter in Capricorn will also usher in a new phase of growth through discipline and restraint; since environmental issues have made it to the mainstream discourse, I can see the reduction of the impact of our habits becoming a widespread trend as well. Now that decades, if not centuries, of predatory capitalism and mindless consumerism in the name of instant gratification are eventually being linked, in the public eye, to climate crisis and environmental damage, and even though individual choices should not divert the attention from corporate misbehaviour, it certainly can’t hurt to re-evaluate our choices and embrace a more essential, sustainable lifestyle. This, too, is about turning our attention to the physical world, listening to the Earth’s pleas and realizing that She is our sacred space. Perhaps it’s the only way we can grant a future to our descendants and to our present physical vessels as well.  

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