Jupiter stations Direct. Image by Tyler Hendy on Pexels.

Jupiter stations Direct, September 13, 2020 — Invisible Movement

Jupiter stations Direct at 17° 24′ 24″ Capricorn early in the morning (UTC time) on September 13, 2020. September 12, if you live in the USA. The planet of plenty in the sign of just enough, but essential. The bringer of bounty and growth in the dry, cold, constrictive kingdom of Saturn.

While Capricorn is the sign of Jupiter’s fall, and planets in their fall are forced to function in an environment that essentially obfuscates their intrinsic nature, this combination has wisdom to offer us — even though I’ll be the first to admit that Jupiter in Capricorn felt confining and even alienating at times.  And yet, we all know that unchecked growth is not sustainable. We cannot possibly place demands that exceed what our ecosystems, our surroundings, our bodies themselves, can provide (see: Earth Overshoot Day).

Growth needs a container. Growth needs a pattern. Growth needs rhythms and cycles and (Retrograde) moments of reorientation, just like a mindset geared towards abundance requires an awareness of the inequality of the distribution of resources on this Earth (otherwise, it’s just whitewashed, spiritually bypassing neoliberism masquerading as spirituality). Hopefully, ever since the beginning of the Jupiter in Capricorn transit, we have become more aware of the balance between adding and subtracting, between consuming and compensating, that we are constantly navigating. Hopefully, this Retrograde phase has opened our eyes to the foundations we need to strengthen before we attempt at expanding our reality and the excess we might need to subtract before we try to add to our plate.

Jupiter stationing Direct doesn’t mean that the brakes are off and that we can freely forge ahead. Mars is still Retrograde in Aries until November 13, and Mercury will soon station Retrograde as well, in the sign of Scorpio. It does mean, however, that our line of vision is broadening. If you’re struggling with having faith in the bigger picture, have faith in what is there for you. What bears the load of your entire existence. What is currently supporting you in the here and now. Faith in your integrity and discernment. Faith in your commitment to being responsible with your energy and with the resources you consume. Have faith in what you can see and trust that it will help you getting to places you’re yet to discover.

Jupiter  will leave Capricorn for Aquarius in December.

Image by tyler hendy on Pexels.

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