Your Horoscopes for January 2020


My warrior friend, the road towards our highest achievements is not always a straight line, so, during January 2020, you might as well enjoy the ride.
Now that you know where you’re heading and how you’re getting there, now that you have envisioned your wildest ambition and devised the next tactical steps, you might find yourself zoned in, completely focused on your destination, eager to savour the taste of success and prove to yourself that you’re perfectly capable of obtaining whatever you put your mind to.
This is true, Aries, but long-term success doesn’t just happen overnight. It will take your commitment, dedication and sustained enthusiasm, along with, perhaps, a few allies.
That’s right, dear warrior: as fiercely independent as you are, don’t underestimate the power and potential of networking, brainstorming and cooperating with likeminded individuals; this month, you’ll get plenty of chances to do just that, and it might make all the difference.
Make the effort to connect, invest in your relationships and, most importantly, don’t forget to take a few breaks from charging ahead to contemplate the beautiful scenery along the way. You don’t want to miss the adventures and side quests this January 2020 has in store for you.


Taurus, at times it still feels like the ground is shaking underneath your feet, other times you’re able to realize that’s a small price to pay to bloom so gracefully.
The decade is off to an electric, quaky start for you, with no shortage of realizations and breakthroughs; January 2020 will show you that the changes to your outlook, self-image and orientation in life have barely just begun. As everything around you seems to transform and evolve at a pace you might not always be comfortable with, take some time to center yourself and acknowledge that which is solid, steady and reliable within and around: values, long-term goals, whatever or whoever is ready to support you and align with you throughout this self-discovering journey.
Make space for the things that soothe your senses and allow you to experience the feeling of being divinely protected and taken care of. Art. Music. Self-care. Observe the feelings that come up, sit with the fears and the needs that arise in response to your expanding universe, contemplate and strategize as you pull all the pieces together into the Big Picture of your future.
Inner work is just as productive as outer work — keep this in mind throughout the first month of 2020, my Taurean friend.


Dear twin, the first month of the new decade is truly going to push the envelope of your mind and allow you to see through the darkness of doubt and vagueness that was obscuring your vision.
In many ways, January 2020 will feel like a month-long conversation and learning experience. Sometimes there will be a multitude of voices, entwining with one another, urging you to listen attentively, while other times it will be more of a one-on-one talk in which you will be challenged to  stand your ground without budging but also without letting your jittery nervous energy turn into aggression.
Your relationships, both romantic and platonic, are going to play a major role, this month, in allowing you to process the untold feelings, unspoken stories and unacknowledged desires that are bubbling up to the surface of your consciousness. Sometimes it will be easier, other times it will be confrontational, when not downright messy: watch your words, but most importantly, your tendencies towards projection.
Navigating relationships of any kind is never easy, especially when you’re coming to terms with parts of your life and yourself that were inaccessible for a long time. But it’s okay, my witty friend — we’re all here to learn, and your attitude to integrate the lessons every human contact has to offer is the key for starting off the new year on the right foot.


I hope you’re ready to write the next chapter of your story, moonchild — and to bring it to life. Many of us (still) struggle with being our own person, to take pride in what makes us unique and embracing ourselves, flaws, vulnerabilities and all, but you’re getting there.
A Full Moon in your own sign, on January 10, will wrap up the eclipse season and remind you of the attachments, beliefs and coping mechanisms you need to leave in 2019, while asking you to honour your emotions and needs, and encouraging you to hold space for the new you — the person you have been all along, that is. Stronger and more fearless than you could ever imagine, perfectly capable of depending on and parenting your own Self.
This month, prepare to become fully aware of the inner resourcefulness and resilience that inhabit your Soul. You are not a secondary character, Cancer: you’re the protagonist and you’re ready to assume responsibility for what you want and need. Internalize this belief, put it into practice now, all month and all year, and watch your relationship with yourself and with others reach new, refreshing levels of transparency and integrity.  


Leo, few people can grasp the hard work and dedication that is going into becoming a beacon of love and warmth for those around you — as easy and effortless as you make it seem.
The good news, my royal friend, is that the month of January 2020 will finally see you rediscovering the pleasure of creating and relating, which will hopefully bring some recognition to the hustle, the struggle, the work you have been doing behind the scenes.
While you rearrange the building blocks of your existence and make plans for the New Year, don’t be afraid to follow the call of your heart and invest time and energy into pleasurable activities and social pursuits; as bond to your duties as you may feel, there is much to be gained in terms of growth, insight and, yes, even money, from the things that bring you joy and make your heart sing.
Life has often a serendipitous way of showing us that everything is interconnected and that one thing can easily lead to a seemingly unrelated other: inspiration to abundance, exciting new connections to career changes, and the most predictable of all, hard work to concrete results.
Who says you can’t have both — a light heart and your feet firmly on the ground? Worldly success and personal fulfillment?
Go with the flow and embrace the paradox, dear Leo.


My shy, industrious Virgo friend — January 2020 is all about getting yourself unstuck, re-vamping your routine and adjusting your schedule so that both will help you steering the New Year in the right direction.  
They say that if you want something you’ve never had, you need to be ready to do something you’ve never done: as much as you love neatly organized, predictable patterns, what you seek lies outside of your comfort zone. January 2020 will present you with the chance of having a revolutionary impact on the lives of others through service, which, in turn, can easily become an opportunity to liberate yourself from the habits, rituals and structures you have outgrown.
With a caveat: being so productive and inclined towards the betterment of the reality around you means that some people would rather have you staying the same and never learning to put yourself first.
My friend, during the upcoming month, try to apply your remarkable Virgoan discernment to the romantic and platonic connections in your life, both old and new: sometimes you can’t fix or save everyone you meet, but you can and should realize that you deserve the same care and accountability you’re capable of giving to others.  


True to your nature of mediator, you’ve been trying to reconcile domesticity and ambition, private sphere and public visibility, personal integrity and vocation. The first month of the decade is going to show you, Libra, that your success in bringing together the above and the below is often determined by your effectiveness in formulating your desires and your ability in communicating them.
January 2020 will challenge you to find your voice and let it bring you in touch with those for whom your gifts, skills and talents are valuable and necessary. Being seen and heard is key: goal-oriented communication, tempered by your innate ability to make your words relatable and infused with understanding, is an invaluable asset at this time.
Most importantly, Libra, have faith. I see you. You’ve got this. No one better than you knows that it’s all about balance: no need to stress out about the outcomes when you’re doing the best you can and giving your everything. Trust that you’re going to reap what you sow — no action is devoid of consequence, for good or ill, so as long as consistency, integrity and willpower inform your actions, you have nothing to fear.     


My Scorpio friend, you’re not quite the person you were one year ago at this time — which means that you’re staying true to your powerful, ever-evolving nature.
As you change and grow, the surrounding reality is bound to match your inner transformation: your home, your resources, your love life. Be grateful for what never was, and embrace what’s coming your way: this month will provide excellent opportunities to find sources of income that are more aligned with your values, reinvent your domestic environment, and redefine your relationship needs outside of societal norms and binaries.
If you’ve been resisting change, lately, now is the time to acknowledge and release the inherited beliefs and ties to the past that are holding you back so that you can fully awaken to your own resilience. If what feels comfortable and familiar is currently limiting you, you have the power to shed your emotional skin and reinvent what “familiar” means to you at this time of your life.  
This is not the time to get swayed by the promise of instant gratification — which might actually have undesirable consequences on your budget — but to adopt a long-term, foreseeing perspective and stick with it. One year from now, you’re probably going to find yourself in a different place yet again, so make sure the choices that will get you there are dictated by your agency and not by your fears, my friend.


Dear Sagittarius, January 2020 will see you doing what you do best: blazing your own path, stretching your horizons and making moves. You’ll step into the new decade bold, sure-footed and eager to live life to the max… and rightfully so.
The upcoming month will provide plenty of opportunities to go after what you want, reaffirm your independence and honour your beliefs, the majority of which may come through eye-opening conversations with smart, quirky individuals whose life path strays from the norm. Don’t underestimate the power of technology in connecting you with people who can have a positive impact on your life.
Few things can stand in the way of your achievement during this month of January 2020… save for, maybe, unclear and misleading situations arising within your family of origin or domestic environment. An erosion of boundaries, or dynamics that require a form of self-sacrifice on your part, might pressure you to momentarily cast your ambitions aside to cater to somebody else’s need.
Weigh your priorities, my fiery, untamed friend, and make sure you’re not getting caught up in somebody else’s version of reality.


Dear Mer-Goat, it probably will not please you to hear that January 2020 is not the right month to make bold, overt moves, astrologically speaking, but it’s for the greater good. Action will mostly happen behind the scenes, and you’re likely to merely see the tip of the iceberg as far as outcomes and consequences are concerned, but I promise that even the barely noticeable developments happening this month will have notable impact in the long run.
In the meantime, why not taking stock of your resources and reorganize your budgeting/spending habits accordingly? Changing the way you handle money and material possessions at this time can truly set you up for success, teaching you to live at your fullest with less and helping you to achieve a degree of financial freedom you’ve never experienced before.  
It all comes down to long-term planning, which is something you excel at like no other sign in the Zodiac. Use the first month of the decade to review your past year accomplishments, reflect on the lessons that 2019 taught you and integrate them into the way you present yourself, your opinions and your very own truth.


It’s been a few though weeks, dear Aquarius, but the start of the year will see you slowly yet surely coming out of the woods: your ruler, Uranus, stations direct on January 11, and there’s a New Moon in your sign on January 24. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself; after all, January 21 also marks the start of your very season, which means that after a wobbly, unsteady start of the year, it will be your time to shine.
Once the dust settles, it will be easier to envision the ways in which you can make a contribution to your future, and start implementing them into your life. Start with what you have, from who you currently are, and with the narrative you have written for yourself so far. Then, look at what the world has to offer you, and try to match yourself up to the opportunities that beckon to you. Try to be as realistic as possible, especially when it comes to your values and personal resources: you might feel tempted to conform to other people’s values in order to gain a sense of security as you make these first steps into the open, but this is unlike you, my forward-thinking friend.
Be mindful of what undermines you — your blind spots, your weak spots, your self-sabotaging patterns — and make it your New Year resolution to set yourself free.


Dear dreamer, your charisma and magnetism are peaking at this time: being as adaptable and enticingly fluid as you are does surely present its advantages. Why not make the most of your pliable boundaries and increased personal allure to swim upstream?
While one part of you wants to embark on an inner quest, your drive is projected towards vocation and carving your own niche in the world; as the manifold, shapeshifting creature that you are, you can and should do both things: tap into your transcendental inspiration, Pisces, and let her guide you towards your highest achievements, whether they’re mundane goals, career ambitions or more spiritual pursuits. Sometimes it takes the smallest gesture to initiate a domino-effect of forward momentum, sometimes even a simple statement or thought is enough — and the rest magically follows.
Start the New Year and the new decade by initiating action, my watery friend: don’t just go with the flow, but choose your flow and let your reality flow along with your intent.

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