Your Horoscopes for February 2020

Your monthly inspiration for February 2020 is here! Make sure you also check your Rising and Moon sign, if you know them.


February 2020 will bring opportunities to re-align with your purpose, as well as to address those inner dynamics that may have led you towards self-sabotage and self-undoing in the past. In which ways can you stop undermining yourself, when it comes to planning for your future? Does everything in your life look the same once you remove wishful thinking, but also fear, from the equation? Are your fears and doubts the expression of deeper needs you are afraid to acknowledge? While you ponder the answer to these questions, Aries, remember that re-negotiation and course-correction does not diminish your power nor deny your agency. Quite the contrary,  inner work offers us the opportunity to self-define and remind ourselves that freedom of choice is always within our reach. Call in the Light, beloved warrior. Let it shine from within and illuminate the innermost reaches of your mind and heart, where things are a little less clear, a little more confusing. Remind yourself of who you are, what you came here to do, what made it all worthwhile — the waiting, the endings, the pressure to climb your way towards distant, but lofty goals. And then, commit to them once more.


There’s a beautiful Albert Camus quote that reads, “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer”, and I feel it describes your February 2020 astrology pretty accurately, my Taurus friend. The recent transformations might have you feeling torn between two worlds, or pulled into different directions: distant horizons beckoning to you, friendships and social involvements to revise and re-negotiate, shifting priorities in your domestic sphere and new opportunities inviting you to show up for yourself. It’s only understandable of you to feel confused and slightly overwhelmed (even in a positive sense) at times. So here’s my advice. Make sure you pay attention to what is happening within first and foremost: this is the most auspicious time to rebuild your safe space on a new foundation that is suited to the mutated circumstances in your life but also consistent with your values and self-worth. Reclaim your spark, child of the Earth: rekindle the invincible summer within you, honour your truth, your roots, adorn your shelter, recognize yourself as a bountiful well of pleasure and joy. And then, step outside and meet the world, knowing that the microcosm you have created will always be eager to welcome you home.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, being in pre-shadow mode and then stationing retrograde later this month may have you feeling disoriented and slightly out of sorts, my clever friend: in fact, February may require you to silence your vivacious, ebullient mind and tune in to the other you. Throughout the past few months, you have been confronted with some pretty touch lessons about intimacy, loss and radical transformation, Gemini. Your witty, airy disposition is inclined to rationalize and process such experiences on a mental level, but sometimes it’s equally as important to check in with our feelings, lest we detach too abruptly from our lived experience only to end up leaving fragments, or even half of ourselves, stuck in the past. This month, try to silence your inner monologue and hold  space for visualization and emotional responses, rather than dissecting and verbalizing every single thing that happens on the outside. There are many ways of communicating — with yourself, and with others — that don’t involve words, and sometimes it’s intuition, rather than intellect, that allows us to navigate our way through the most chaotic circumstances.


The writing is on the wall, Moon friend. It’s time to venture out of your shell, and allow yourself to be seen. Self-preservation serves a purpose, but there is a fine line between shielding your feelings and blocking your blessings. Sometimes, allowing others to peer below your protective armour and connect with you on a more genuine, intimate level is the most reasonable option. Visibility can be scary: it does equal vulnerability to some extent, and it requires us to accept the criticism and possible rejection that often come with the territory, but what if that very same territory is also where the fruits of your labour are coming to fruition? This month, make it a point to step outside of your comfort zone whenever possible, Cancer (hint: it’s always possible). Put yourself out there. Be fearless and proactive in your interactions with other people, and watch things get different. Muster the courage to claim what is yours, and use it as a stepping stone towards bigger, bolder dreams. You’re more cherished, supported and appreciated than you could ever imagine, and those who appreciate your offerings do have your back.


With a Full Moon occurring in your sign on February 9, the spotlight this month is all yours, my royal friend. Your story is being witnessed, your message is garnering attention. What could be but a fleeing moment of personal gratification — not that there’s anything wrong with feeling seen and appreciated — has, instead, the potential to yield long-lasting benefits, both for yourself and those who surround you: what if you could use your platform, your voice, to inspire, educate and uplift others? What if making this a collective celebration, and using it to cement your alliances, could disclose new, exciting opportunities to expand your reach? What if fulfilment and empowerment could be experienced through practical acts of service? Savour the moment, dear Leo, but don’t stop at the surface level: at this point in your life, for you, there is so much more to human exchanges and seemingly unimportant, mundane events than meets the eye.


With Mercury already in their pre-shadow and stationing Retrograde in Pisces, you may find that your inner  GPS system — your penchant for analysing your way through life, basically —, is not being as effective as it normally is, dear Virgo.  The not-so-great news is that you, more than any other, will experience reality as perpetually “in flux” over the course of the month. The good news is that this is a temporary phase, which will also help you uncovering the areas in your life — mostly, your one-on-one relationships, at this time — where you could use a little more assertiveness, a little less tolerance for mixed signals (yours or others’), a little less availability in situations that cast you in defined, archetypal roles — often to your detriment: victim, saviour, caretaker, martyr, you get the idea. Don’t be too eager to assign a moral judgment to what you witness: detaching and observing without getting too emotionally involved is your best bet at the moment, my humble friend. If anything, this month, try to get more involved in activities and situations that encourage your self-expression: your needs, your desires, your pleasure, do matter, and working on trusting your heart and your guts more is sort of your homework at the moment.


Balance does not always facilitate growth, Libra. Sometimes, a healthy dose of dynamism, and even strife, is absolutely needed if we are to make progress; other times, it’s simply a byproduct of speaking our mind and prioritizing objectivity over people-pleasing. The challenge for this month is to observe the patterns that come up whenever you are involved with others, either in a one-on-one or collective setting. Are you afraid of taking up too much space? Do you project your Cardinal competitiveness on others, only to compare yourself and your achievements to them? Do you feel compelled to put your own needs aside for the sake of others, only to feel resentful when they fail to reciprocate? Are you putting too much emphasis on controlling other people’s reactions, rather than being in charge of your narrative? This month, the only way to find answers to these questions is to allow things to be shaken up in the realm of one-on-one relationships and family dynamics. Interacting with others can be so much more inspiring and empowering when we give ourselves permission to stop pandering to demands and criticism that are not even being expressed.


The pop-culture axiom stating that “with great power comes great responsibility” is about to come true for you, dear Scorpio: the knowledge you have recently gathered about your close surroundings, the unwritten communication rules they entail and the formal agreements that regulate them is going to come in handy this month. It all comes down to what you express your consent to: amidst multiple choices and proposals, make sure you are actually saying yes to those who can truly bring you in alignment with your calling and facilitate the expression of your creative talents through a suitable career path. Be cunning and strategic as you always are, and hold yourself accountable for the ways you’re creating your future, my dear, but don’t limit yourself or the scope of your possibilities: February has a lot to teach you about imagination and flexibility as life-affirming attitudes. Stand in your power, don’t be ashamed about wanting more, don’t be afraid to want imagine something different.  


Sometimes, the most adventurous quests is the one that takes us back to our very roots, Archer. Issues that have been lingering in your domestic space, or altering your connection with your past, are now coming to the forefront and asking to be addressed. As much as you’re fond of pursuing the ultimate truth about anything that sees you involved, truth is not always something clear-cut and irrefutable. The very concept of Truth might seem especially elusive when applied to the issue you’re grappling with, especially when it comes to who should be held accountable for what. Not all the circumstances in our life are co-created, Sagittarius, but a lot of them are: what you don’t say no to, you are accepting, whether it’s a conscious decision or not. This month, try to stay mindful of possible feelings of self-righteousness on your behalf, and appreciate the complexity of reality instead: for instance, it’s still possible to find joy and humour amidst the most surreal circumstances.


Things are moving forward, perhaps not as fast or as easily as you’d like them too, but it’s happening. Temporary mishaps and glitches involving communication and gathering of information are not standing in the way of your success: if anything, you are being encouraged to explore different, less conventional ways to get where you are supposed to, even if this means being less in control of the proceedings. We’re not always ready to grasp the meaning of what happens to us, but neither can we stop life from flowing. As long as you keep going, you have nothing to worry about, as tortuous as the currents may seem — not that you’d need me to remind you, beloved Mer-Goat. Tackle what is immediately manageable and don’t underestimate humanity’s humanity — the genuine compassion and generosity of your most close-knit community. The rest will fall into place, probably when you least expect it.


January brought notable forward momentum in your life, dear Aquarius; in contrast, February might be the right time to slow down and assess the situation. Are you exactly where you want to be? If not, you may want to take some time to plan ahead so that you can redesign the trajectory that will take you there. This will probably involve reviewing your approach to comfort and resources: are you receiving from the right sources? Are you being flexible in places where you should be rigorous, and vice-versa? Do your present spending habits and monetarily investments favour or undermine the success of your plans? Regardless of the way you have answered this questions, it’s time to make the necessary course-corrections and push the reset button. While February 2020 is probably not going to be an action-packed month for you — which, under some circumstances, can be a blessing — a honest and open communication about your needs, wants and current priorities is going to have a positive impact on your relationships.


This month’s New Moon and Mercury Retrograde both occur in your sign, dear Pisces, which means it’s time to do what you do best — along with some things you may not be that good at. You, more than any other Zodiac archetype, have mastered the art of letting go and allow boundaries, bridges and attachments to dissolve, making room for the new. Unfortunately, Piscean energy can flow in two opposite directions at once, which means that, more often than not, you find yourself trapped in cyclical dynamics that exploit your compassion, your idealistic nature and your porous boundaries without adding anything valuable to your life. When at a crossroads, which may very much happen this month, be wise when deciding which direction to take, my soulful friend: know when to adapt to the circumstances and when to slip away to protect your heart, your health and your well-being.

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