Gemini Ascendant. Picture by Brazil Topno on Unsplash.

Gemini Ascendant Explained

As a Gemini rising, you’re ruled by Mercury, planet of thought and speech, winged Messenger of the Gods.

You interact with the world around you through your nervous energy and animated intellect; you function from your mind and live on your nerves, and you relate to your immediate environment with a lively dynamism and a strong capability to adapt. Communication and exchange of information are the keys you use to understand and unlock the elements of your reality.

You come across as someone restless who constantly moves around and is aware of their surroundings, which is accurate, because you’re constantly assimilating inputs and stimuli. There’s a cleverness and a facility with words to you, that allows you to easily move about in the social circles, although it’s not necessarily the primary focus of your personality — more like an asset that can serve you well, and that you use effortlessly.

You’re multi-tasking and gifted with a quick learning ability, however, your mental faculties can be quite volatile and scattered. You probably feel compelled to keep up with new technology and love your gadgetry, especially the items that allow you to keep in touch with the world. In fact, you’re largely concerned with connection; you always need to know what’s going on, and enjoy intellectual debates and stimulating conversations, and you appreciate maintaining contact with friends and those whom you hold dear.

The Ascendant also describes our physical appearance, and there probably is a lively, sparkly aura to your youthful and bubbly presence. Others see you as chatty and versatile, but hard to figure out in places, since there is a certain inherent duality about the sign of Gemini, which is also displayed in the glyph of the sign itself.

Your way of approaching people or situations can sometimes fluctuate and change in such a way that may disorient people and leave them wondering about your intentions.

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Photo by Brazil Topno on Unsplash.

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