Full Moon in Gemini, December 12, 2019 — This Unfolds

The whole of the Universe speaks to us; in words, in colors, in synchronicities, in synesthetic associations; information flows in and through us at all times, now more than ever, in a time and age when modern communication devices are so ubiquitous and essential that they have turned into body appendages. Their signals travel through space in waves; our very flesh, bones, cells and atoms are constantly immersed in this electromagnetic field of frequencies and data. We are — mostly —unaware simulacra of messages, secrets and confessions.

We are constantly surrounded by media, bombarded with inputs, yet our connection to this tidal wave of words and numbers largely remains screen-based, skin-deep. With so much to pay attention to, assimilate and decipher, we might struggle with pick up the information that is meant for us and glean any meaningful realization from it.

Enter the Full Moon in Gemini.

The last Full Moon of the decade arrives on December 12, at 05:12 AM UTC, 19°51 into this ever-morphing, eloquent sign. An archetype that, I am sure, late Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman would not hesitate to associate with his theory of “liquid modernity” — the constant, compulsive state of reinvention and temporariness that characterizes our (post-)modern era, with no final form in sight.

And just like the gravitational pull of the Full Moon is capable of causing the sea levels to rise, the same thing can happen to the airy sea of ideas we constantly navigate. Every Full Moon in Gemini brings tidal waves of information, and the last Full Moon of 2019 makes no exception.

It’s a Full Moon that demands our eyes to be open, our minds to be inquiring and receptive, our ears to be ready, our very bodies to become acoustic resonators. It’s a Full Moon to talk, to listen, to ask and receive answers, for it magnifies internal and external dialogues, fires up the mental circuitry, spreads messages far and wide.

The thing is, Gemini is not selective — solid facts, fake news, half-truths, lies, anything goes. No voice is louder than another, no source is more credible than the rest. The challenging aspects made by the Full Moon seem to call for our discernment in sorting through the data we come across and arranging them into coherent sequences.

With Mercury, ruler of the Full Moon, journeying into the opposite sign of Sagittarius, gathering the information that is ours to receive, unpacking it and distilling it into knowledge is imperative. Amidst the fluid, confusing cacophony of chatter and gossip, perhaps the voice of the numinous is the one which beckons to us with subtle whispers of wisdom, ready to deliver unexpected messages that can truly invigorate our visions, our goals, our sense of purpose.

Yet, the Capricorn stellium and Neptune are not going to make this an easy task.

Saturn, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn infuse the Full Moon in Gemini with stern, resolute undertones via quincunx: knowledge implies responsibility, and the sound of truth being spoken is not always melodious to our ears; not when it urges us to confront our limitations and commit to our standards, or to exercise our agency through a conscious, permanent choice, or to find closure.

Neptune in Pisces, on the other hand, seems to exacerbate Gemini’s shapeshifting abilities with a cunning, slippery square that blurs the lines and erodes our certainties. Words can be used to inspire or to manipulate; masks can protect or deceive; the identities we utilize to navigate our social environment can be conscious facets of an unified Self or lost, scattered fragments, each one with a mind on its own.

Neptune is pretty much the poison and the cure: the dual, mutable, stealthy nature of all human interactions is amplified so that we can find our center and define what is real and what holds meaning for us.

Overall, this Full Moon is all about questioning, exploring and being active and proactive voices in the conversation that surrounds us instead of passive transmitters: the layers of meaning we uncover, the fragments of knowledge we collect and the signals we pick up unveil a design that is more than the sum of its parts.

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Photo by 邱 严 on Unsplash

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