Full Moon in Taurus, Nov 12, 2019 – Holy Terrain

The balance of nature theory has long been discredited by scientists working in ecology; authorities on the subject have called it an “enduring myth” and an idea that needs to be challenged.

If we think about our ecological footprint as a specie, about the exploitation of Earth’s resources caused by our competitive and reckless capitalistic system, if we consider the fact that our demand on resources has already overshot global biocapacity (in july 2019, we exhausted the biological resources our planet can renew in one year), it’s hard not to think that our footprint has upset some kind of ecological balance or altered a perfectly functional design. It’s even harder to realize that, if the disruption we have caused will not reach the original balance point, it means that we have condemned ourselves and the Earth to decay and extinction.

One thing is for sure: if it wasn’t for our ruthless depletion of resources in the name of economical growth (and if half of the world’s wealth wasn’t concentrated in the hands of 1% of the population) there would be enough on this Earth for everyone. Earth is bountiful, Earth is generous.

The Full Moon arriving on November 12, 2019, at 1:34 PM UTC in the sign of Taurus (19°51) is a testament to the wisdom and generosity of the Earth. Taurus is Earth incarnate – the earthiest, most sensuous of the signs. In Taurus we find nourishment, comfort, pleasure and prosperity; Taurus feeds our bodies and, in doing so, it also feeds our Souls, as attested by the moon’s exaltation in the sign. Taurus is both practical and spiritual, because the physical and the metaphysical are not divorced from one another, unlike certain western philosophy would lead us to believe. Taurus knows the wisdom of the body, the holiness of sex, the spiritual hidden in the physical.

All of this will come under the spotlight with the Taurus Full Moon. Whenever the Moon goes full, we experience culminations, realizations, perhaps even closure. The full moon is a peak, a climax, a bottom line. The full moon comes to us and for us, and the full moon in Taurus will bring in the awareness about what we have, what we lack, what we desire, what we deserve.

Self-sufficiency. Self-worth. Possessions. Resources. Money. Food. Do we have enough? Too much? Not enough? Do we want it all? Are we open to receive? Most of our questions will find answers, if not all of them: the silvery light of the moon is going to illuminate the truth, the value in what we have and the reality of what we lack. A Full Moon in a solid, empirical sign such as Taurus might also present us with returns on our investments and rewards for our labor.

The Taurus plenilune is also embedded in a rich web of aspects. Rx Mercury in Scorpio conjoins the Sun, making an opposition to the Moon. We might be prompted to re-consider a current situation and ask ourselves if it’s building us up or tearing us down, if it makes us feel valued and grounded or if it undermines our self-esteem or sense of security, if what we give is what we get; depending on the answer we get, said situation is likely to come to a head.

The applying Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn supports this Moon; the power is in our hands, ours is the upper hand. If we change something, lose something, it will be for the better. As the quote attributed to Carl Sagan (mistakenly, as it’s the case with many quotes that float around on the internet) goes, “if it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth”.

Venus, ruler of Taurus and of this Full Moon, is catching up with Jupiter in Sagittarius; whatever happens, whatever truth we embrace, it will be empowering, and it will be a blessing — perhaps in disguise, perhaps in plain sight. It will be easy to see the bigger picture, to learn from it and to be grateful, no matter what.

We will be blooming and we will be winning, regardless — the Earth is generous and Holy and, in some form or another, we always get what we need.

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