Full Moon in Scorpio. Picture found on Unsplash.

Full Moon in Scorpio, April 27, 2021 — Deep Days

Earlier this morning, the Full Moon peaked at 7°6 Scorpio (at 5 AM here in Europe, late in the evening on April 26 in the US), once again shining a silvery light in the deep dark caverns of our silence, shame and vulnerability. A Full Moon to get intimate with ourselves in the rawest, messiest way possible. A Full Moon spotlighting the holes torn through the fabric of our reality and through the illusions of safety that we consciously or consciously uphold.

Ruled by and in mutual reception with Mars in Cancer, triggering the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square, and also the first of this year’s two Supermoons, this Full Moon was the astrological equivalent to a scalpel. Excision Moon. Sharp in places where we’d expect to find comfort — both the Moon in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer are in the signs of their fall after all, afflicted yet bound by a shared sense of common understanding of each other’s weaknesses.

While the Moon itself signifies nourishment, this fallen Moon was very much about hunger and the ways in which we starve or allow ourselves to be starved. What we deprive ourselves of for the sake of feeling safe (another decidedly lunar theme). Denying our needs until our light is dimmed — until the heart is but a black hole. Afflicted. Debilitated. This is poison. This is violence.

This Full Moon, too, is the poison and the cure. When we have no choice but to acknowledge the harm we do to ourselves, we have no choice but to practice radical self-care and self-compassion. Transforming the collective in such a way that promotes compassion and healing very often starts as an inside job.  

Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash.

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