Full Moon in Libra, April 8, 2020 — Twoism

Balance does not simply happen. Nor do justice, equity or fairness. In our paradoxical, everyday world, built on binaries, ruled by duality, harmony is often achieved through discomfort and disruption. Through our willingness to show up and stand up for ourselves. Through blending the opposites together, in a balancing act that is equal parts peace and confrontation — sometimes, too, creation and destruction. Ultimately, balance requires recalibration —constantly, courageously, relentlessly.

The upcoming Full Moon in Libra, occurring on April 8, 2020 02:35 UTC, 18°43 of the sign, is something we need to get ready for and warm up to. It’s open-heart alchemy, it’s the wild transmutation of stale, energy sucking dynamics into fertilizer for our growth, the Tower moment that comes before the Star. A pendulum that swings wildly before slowing to a halt in the middle. The lighting is crude, powerful and ubiquitous, illuminating the roles and dynamics of our relationships — romantic, platonic, professional — all the way down to the Plutonian bottom-level, with a sprinkle of Martian-Uranian unrest for special effect.

Sometimes, the greatest of paradoxes is the one that inhabits us — striving for evenness and justice, and yet not choosing them. The square made by the separating Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn to the Full Moon is a memento of all the things we wish we could ignore, but can’t. The goal is to address and confront all that stands in the way of the peace and equality we strive for, even and especially when it’s ugly, asymmetrical, twisted. Even when it’s in the mirror, lurking deep within us like a parasite.

Our survival, another strong Plutonian theme, depends on our willingness to eradicate that which consumes our resources without reciprocating, and our survival is the only option. Ultimately, Pluto accelerates matters all the way to the next level: a new beginning under different premises, or an ending. Having the courage to mercifully terminate those connections and dynamics that cannot sustain an evolutionary leap is of paramount importance, under this Full Moon.

The energy of Neptune in Pisces also informs this Full Moon via an elusive — how surprising — quincunx. Neptune, the cosmic hallucinogen, defier of binaries, dissolver of boundaries, God of waters never still, seems to counteract the visceral compulsion of Pluto with a subtle invitation to flow. If Neptune is sacrifice, then sacrifice we must — not ourselves, but that which isn’t meant to be Other to us anymore. Relationship roles we have outgrown. Shit we’re no longer putting up with.  Anything that isn’t meant to or does not want to stay.

With Mars in Aquarius separating from Saturn and making an exact square to Uranus in Taurus under this Full Moon, the urge to affirm our individuality and break free from constraints will be impossible to ignore. A blessing if we channel this energy into self-liberation while recognizing our counterpart’s freedom of choice, a curse if we insist on fighting a lost battle for the sake of having our own way. With Neptune in the picture, surrendering is winning. And with Pluto looming large over this Full Moon like a towering monolith, surrendering means accepting the reality of what is being unhearted, let it upset the balance, tip the scales, purge, cleanse and cauterize.

Mars and Saturn also form a supportive trine to Venus, ruler of this Full Moon, freshly into Gemini. Communication is bound to become a major theme over the course of the next months, as the North Node of the Moon enters the sign of the Twins and Venus herself stations retrograde in the same sign, so it comes as no surprise that the way we use our words to set boundaries, convey our intentions and the awareness of our rights will play a pivotal role in the way the narrative of the Full Moon in Libra unfolds.

Whether your words are meant as affirmations, banishing spells or declarations of independence, use them wisely. Let them mirror your integrity, rather than impulsive emotional responses. Let them free you, rather than bind you to what you’re meant to let go. Embrace the paradox, and welcome the temporary disruption of balance as the healthiest way to find your center again.

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