Full Moon in Leo. Picture by JV Buenconcejo on Pexels.

Full Moon in Leo, January 28, 2021 — Keeper of the Flame

The Full Moon landing at 9°5 Leo on January 28, 2021, 7:16 PM GMT, feels like a powerful catalyst to the intricate astrology of this very moment. Opposing the assembly of planets in Aquarius, and squaring the conjunction between Mars and Uranus in Taurus, it highlight the ways in which our own relationship with visibility, with feeling worthy of being witnessed, is morphing and transforming. The Moon itself is a mirror. Silvery, reflective, Luna takes in the beams of an exiled Sun embedded in a constellation of Saturn-ruled placements, and refracts the wintery rays back at us, a spotlight on the intersection between personal and collective, private and public, individual and systemic.

Heart-centered yet imbued with gravitas and engrossed in a solemn communion with the rest of the cosmos, January 2021’s Full Moon in Leo knows about everything we endured behind the scenes so that our Star could rise. Most of the time, we were not alone — even though, a lot of the time, we might have been physically apart.

Re-creating ourselves anew in this cataclysmic landscape is both an act of courage and an act of service, just like stepping into the light and allowing ourselves to be seen. And even though it might take a sizable amount of courage to acknowledge what holds us back from stepping into the light and sharing our medicine, consider this — the parts of yourself you’re holding hostage might actually hold the key to the liberation of all. How can we be both tender with ourselves and open-hearted with the communities that are holding us and supporting us? How can we give back from a place of compassion for ourselves and for others? With Chiron being sympathetic to this Leo Full Moon, taking back our radiance one spark at a time can be invigorating, if not healing — unless we see healing as a softening, ongoing process of self-discovery.

And if we acknowledge internalized capitalism (a.k.a. tying our worthiness of being celebrated to the tangible, concrete results we are producing), unhealthy competition (also promoted by capitalism’s emphasis on scarcity and hierarchies), and the habit of comparing ourselves to others, as things we need  to heal from, then this Full Moon in the sign of splendor and heliacal radiance offers a safe, affirming space to invite our shadows and undo their spell.

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Picture by JV Buenconcejo on Pexels.

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