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Full Moon in Virgo, March 9, 2020 — Better

Full Moon in Virgo. Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash.

Virgo is magick. Practical magick. Virgo is the silent, scrupulous weaver of the intricate fabric of our waking life. The unassuming, helping hand that leads us out of the hall of mirrors of our mind. Earthly, yet infused with Hermetic wisdom. Quietly industrious, silently tireless.

The next Full Moon arriving on March 9 (5:47 PM UTC), at 19°37 of Virgo, brings the magick of presence. The gift of not-quite-clarity-but-almost-there — Mercury, ruler of this Full Moon, will be hours away from stationing direct in the sign of Aquarius. The blessing of conscientiousness. Sober surgical grace. The relief of telling what we can, and will fix, improve, from lessons and remainders that will teach us how to do better. A humble, humbling moment of realization that dispels the lulling mists of the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Pisces and helps us see right through its swirls of blissfully intoxicating smoke. Micro and macro. What can we really use? What will truly serve us and others, and how? Which is true intuition, and which is mere paranoia?

Imbued with this sense of Divine practicality, the Full Moon in Virgo illuminates what was left incomplete, what can be perfected, the hidden margin for improvement, as well as highlighting the resolute, strenuous work that was carried behind the scenes and bringing it under her silvery spotlight. Results will be delivered, even though the actual impact of our action remains to be seen, quite possibly after Mercury stations direct.

The narrative surrounding this Full Moon is uncannily coherent and resonant. With Mercury, ruler of the Full Moon, still retrograde in the communal, humanitarian sign of Aquarius, we are still coming to terms with the fact that our voice doesn’t have to sing along with the choir in order to be heard and appreciated, that the patterns and ideas that inform our work and our practical engagement with day-to-day life are still valid and valuable even if and especially when they are out of alignment with what is currently being normalized, celebrated and even encouraged.

The meeting of Venus and Uranus in Taurus echoes the sentiment; the unorthodox (Uranus) beauty of our subjective, idiosyncratic values (Venus) pays off (Taurus), and fixing something doesn’t necessarily mean breaking it so that it fits in. It means making it work for us. For our goals.    

Goals and ambitions are, indeed, a very sensible undercurrent to the vibe of this Full Moon, like an iron fist in a glove. The current Capricorn stellium, which now includes Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn — in this very order —, enlaces the Moon in a frictionless, supportive trine. What is revealed is real; it is to be relied upon, and it will propel us forward. What we are currently committed to is transforming us, teaching us discipline, lifting us higher, prompting us to turn our real or imagined limitations into mastery. This steely, alchemical furnace of power, too, basks in the light of the Moon, benefitting from the dose of expert Virgo maintenance and helping the Virgin with directing her razor-sharp focus on the details that matter and that can get us far.

Virgo makes things better, taking care of the minutiae so that the whole system can be restored to fully operational health. If Pisces sees God in a grain of sand, Virgo can spot the fatal flaw in a seemingly insignificant, infinitesimal fraction of the whole. Or the buried, latent potential that can be honed and chiselled into functional perfection.

Let her do her job.  

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Picture by Larm Rmah on Unsplash.


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    “The blessing of conscientiousness.” is probably the most accurate representation of how I feel about this Full Moon. I kid you not, at 33 I’m learning the true significant of ‘What you want requires work’

    “What we are currently committed to is transforming us, teaching us discipline, lifting us higher, prompting us to turn our real or imagined limitations into mastery.” Aint that the damn truth.

    <3 Insightful, gracefully straightforward (all cardinal and ish 🙂

    • Avatar

      Thank you, my Tarot bae. I must say, once again it’s like we’re on the same journey. ‘What you want requires work’. Perhaps it’s a Saturn in Sag generation thing, too. Dreaming big (Sagittarius), and then making it a point to put in the BIG work.

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    Keep on ԝorking, great job!


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