Full Moon in Sagittarius. Photo by Unsplash.

Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 5, 2020 — Another Perspective

Sagittarius loves a good story. We’re talking about the Jupiter-ruled sign that is commonly associated, among other things, with publishing, adventure, travel — not to mention education, philosophy and perspective.

What happens, however, when theory and philosophy override experience?

The next Full Moon unveils a story with layers upon layers to unpack. First off, it marks our official entrance into a dense, Eclipse-packed few weeks: occurring at 15°34 into the sign of the Archer, on June 5 (7:12 PM UTC), this Full Moon is, technically, a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which happens in close proximity to the transiting South Node of the Moon. An annular Solar Eclipse will be next on June 21, with the New Moon at 0° Cancer, followed by a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on July 5, in Capricorn.

Eclipses are known for packing a powerful energetic punch and urging us to cut the crap. A Full Moon which is also a Lunar Eclipse is something akin to an aggressive cosmic detox. All matters pertaining to the sign where the Eclipse occurs are generally amplified and brought to a head in an even more radical, dramatic fashion. Given that this Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs less than fifteen degrees apart from the transiting South Node, the emphasis will likely be placed on outdated beliefs and worldviews we knowingly or unknowingly keep clinging on to, in that corner of our psyche that is yet to process the extent to which the world has been transformed. Narratives that helped us making sense of life as we knew it. Dogmas that suppressed our innate curiosity, allowing us to revel in the reassuring apathy of our comfort zone, demanding but loyalty and idle acceptance on our part. Truisms. The regurgitated kind of platitude that felt infinitely more comfortable and soothing than the admission of our own ignorance — of not knowing enough about a given subject to have an opinion.

This Full Moon says: no more.

She also says: are we really that smart and adventurous if we only feel safe in exploring the world from behind the filter of our prejudices, biases and –isms?

This eclipse is likely to bring to the forefront all the ways in which our beliefs, assumptions and prejudices whitewash, flatten and erase the complexity of the world we exist in. A world in which we’re far from being the main players.

The chart itself of the Full Moon reflects and supports this shift in perspective: Luna sits in a crowded, circuitous T-Square formation that involves the conjunction between the Sun and Venus Retrograde in Gemini, plus another conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces at the apex. Our mental models and representations have feet of clay. Every certainty, especially if it’s unwavering, peremptory, despotic, conceals a multitude of questions we hesitate to verbalize. It overrides the discordant voices within, and the lived experiences without — which we may or may not have the privilege to ignore, depending on how the world at large sees us and treats us. And when our beliefs fail us, in keeping us from appreciating and understanding where people come from, where we ourselves come from in terms of what we were conditioned to believe and what our heart truly yearns for, it’s time to let them go and choose a different adventure. To open up to the dissonance, the plurality, the paradox, the contradiction, the messy reality of what it means to be human.

With Mars and Neptune squaring the Full Moon, flexibility, compassion and willingness to venture into the untold, the unspoken, the unacknowledged will be crucial. Jupiter, ruler of this Full Moon, is currently retrograde in Capricorn, inching closer to Pluto, also Retrograde: the theme of unpacking, of questioning the way we frame what we witness and experience, or don’t experience firsthand, is especially powerful and resonant.

In true Sagittarian fashion, the Eclipse can turn out a major teachable moment, one that shows us how the truth often hides beneath the truth — how it’s sometimes necessary and vital to de-center ourselves so that it can come into focus: with Venus Retrograde confronting this Full Moon, our current process of re-evaluating values, relationships and the way we position ourselves as speakers and listeners are inescapable elements. What gets lost in translation? Who and what is confined to our peripheral vision? What doctrines and preconceptions prevent us from seeing people for who they are and relating from a place of openness and emotional honesty?

The Full Moon in Sagittarius may not deliver all of the answers, but it could show us exactly what we need to release in order to prepare for them.

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