Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries, Oct 2019 – The Unconscious Warrior

I have contributed a post for Faith Thomas’ Insight Astrology website about the upcoming Full Moon in Aries (October 13). Here’s an excerpt:

Under the Aries Full Moon, arriving in the bold and feisty sign of the Ram, epiphanies and revelations may illuminate our desire to stand up for ourselves, to follow our instincts, and have our own way. But since Pluto is part of the picture, there is more than meets the eye. More to unpack. More to integrate. More to acknowledge. This “more” comes from the depths of our being, from past traumas we are yet to process, from the feelings we sweep under the rug because we deem them less than acceptable. Our rage at this time does indeed contain multitudes, and eventually we are getting to meet them all […] There is so much more we can do with the raw power of Aries and Pluto combined than self-sabotage. For instance, reclaiming the lost fragments of our Soul; owning our anger; channeling this power into meaningful choices that can have a positive, empowering impact on our Life.

Read the full article here to discover the themes and dynamics this Full Moon will trigger and how they might affect you.

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