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Full Moon in Gemini, November 30, 2020 — All the Voices

The Full Moon in Gemini, arriving on November 30, 2020, at 9:30 AM UTC and landing at 8 degrees and 38 minutes of the sign of the Twins, ushers in the Eclipse season and opens the floodgates of input abundance.

Eclipse territory is tectonically unsettled. It requires us to tread carefully as we constantly watch our balance and recalculate our route. Occurring in proximity to the Lunar Nodes, Eclipses are pivotal moments that leave us no choice but to recreate our lives from chaos.

November 30’s Gemini Full Moon is a penumbral lunar Eclipse, engulfed by the force field of the transiting North Node. It will be visible from North and South America, Australia, and parts of Asia, where it will be possible to see about 82% of the Full Moon turn darker during the maximum phase. With the Moon partly dipping into the darkness of the Earth’s penumbra,  resulting in a subtle dimming of the lunar surface, don’t be surprised if you’ll have a harder time than usual with feeling grounded: when the effulgence of the silvery satellite presiding over the ancestral wisdom of our bodies is obfuscated, as it happens during a lunar Eclipse, energies that are normally held under restraint is free to take over.

And when phrenic, cerebral vivacity of Gemini emerges unimpeded, voices are amplified; messages are magnified; the complexity, amount and contradictoriness of the information we receive increase exponentially, a loud, mouthy confabulation ricocheting through every corner of the Universe. Which, in a world where attention has become a commodity and technology is engineered to keep us scrolling, searching and absorbing (there is even an expression for this: “attention economy”), can feel especially overwhelming.

In fact, Gemini is far from being single-focused. This double-bodied sign, ruled by Mercury, represents the element of Air at its most transient and erratic. Like wind, Gemini cannot be shaped or contained; it simply swirls freely across the atmosphere, carrying particles, dispersing seeds. And with the Eclipse occurring in this sign, we can expect a storm of information, an influx of opinions, an flurry of data to dig through.

It’s possible that this tidal wave of words and ideas will highlight the gulf between the narratives that are no longer supportive or sustainable (symbolized by the transiting South Node in Sagittarius) and the areas where cross-pollination can lead to growth (the Gemini North Node). It’s almost certain that this Eclipse will bring culminations involving answers, choices and networking, and dramatic clarification around which information is ours to receive.

However, the Gemini Eclipse also requires discernment. When input exceeds our processing capacity, we can be prone to information overload, which can negatively impact the quality of our decision-making and cognitive control. Lacking a method for comparing and processing all the disseminating notions that this Full Moon will bring our way may result in distraction, passive assimilation and bystander behaviour.

Being deeply intentional with the questions we focus on, with the thoughts we give energy to and with the way we engage with the global discourse is of central importance under this Eclipse; its ruler, Mercury, will still be transiting the astute, deliberate sign of Scorpio, Mars’ nocturnal domicile. Whereas Gemini (and Mercury) seek to form and explore connections, Mars aims to sever, incinerate, and irrevocably transform anything it touches. This Eclipse truly is a dividing point, and, with Chiron in Aries forming a close sextile to Luna and a trine to the Sagittarius Sun, raising our voices and muting the sources that amplify redundant,  unsolicited, hampering information — within or without our minds — will greatly facilitate our personal and collective healing.

This Full Moon in Gemini is an Eclipse-fuelled, resonance room. Focus on the message you want to come back around.

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Photo by Ingmar on Unsplash

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