Image by Kay Nielsen. Full Moon in Aquarius.

Full Moon in Aquarius, August 3, 2020 — Something of an End

I am typing this forecast with the roaring sounds of thunderstorm in my ears — a sudden, yet much welcome break from the ruthless, scorching heat of the past few weeks. This is far from being the only unusual thing I am experiencing today.

I normally write forecasts days in advance. This is intentional: I want to give my readers the time to reflect, digest and assimilate and allow my words to morph and germinate and transfigure into somebody else’s mind until they are no longer my own.

Today, August 3, 2020, I’m writing in unison with the Moon growing Full at 11°45 Aquarius (3:59 PM UTC). This, too, is intentional. An intentional act of breaking a protocol that was starting to become unadaptive — churning out content on a regular basis, even when I feel mentally and spiritually drained, even when I have to force the words out because my head feels like a hollow fishbowl. Uranus forms a T-Square with the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo, and while I am in the process of questioning my understanding of astrological archetypes, I can tell that the streak of wildcard energy is there. A Moon of breakthroughs. Of radical updates. Of solid, comforting Saturnine boundaries that bring a cooling sense of airiness and relief, like a summer storm on an August afternoon.

Saturn, ruler of this Full Moon, is forming an exact opposition to Mercury in Cancer. A loud, resonant no that shatters a false sense of security, releasing us from taxing attachments and setting us on a new path.  A refusal to engage with emotional dynamics that drag us under. Standing our ground and standing in our rightful place on Earth — like Fixed energy would have it.

This culmination point involves subtractions. It involves firmness, honouring our standards, gaining an emotional bird’s eye view on our connections and accepting the brisk sense of sidereal remoteness that comes with all the questioning, the distancing, the loud and uncompromising no’s. Somewhere in the midst of that chilly, summer thunderstorm, a lighter, unimpeded journey awaits us.  

Art by Kay Nielsen.

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