Put away the dusty books, the 15-second reels, the old paradigms of learning. The planets are calling you on a journey towards embodiment and re-enchantment.

Imagine a world so imbued with meaning and pulsating with aliveness, magic becomes your everyday reality. Imagine the whole cosmos speaking to you in colors and sounds. Imagine being initiated into a deep, intimate, profound relationship with the planets and ultimately, becoming your own divination tool.
Building a connection with the planets is not just about astrological literacy— it’s also, and most importantly, about re-enchanting your cosmology. 
It’s about learning how to see the Sacred in every other-than-human being, thus expanding your capacity for both compassion and wonder. 

It’s about inviting creativity, easing into expansion, and trusting yourself as a living transmission. 
It’s about amplifying your magick and enhancing your awareness of the unseen.

And it’s about to happen.
ENSOUL THE UNSEEN is a deep-dive online course on the planets, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s community, exploration, sacred unravelling. It’s a portal. A cosmic coven. A doorway to re-enchantment. 
In this 10-week program, we’ll bring the heavens down to Earth and deepen our communion with the cosmos through easy-to-follow lectures on the planets, bonus presentations, creative prompts, divination and community discussion. 
We will thoroughly, and creatively, explore the qualities, significations, correspondences and myth surrounding each one of the wandering stars, learn to source our planetary delineations from within, and, ultimately, embody our own astrological craft. 
As a neurodivergent person, I know how it feels to struggle with standard, left-brain ways of learning. 
This is why I want ENSOUL THE UNSEEN to feel like a safe space first and foremost, and a learning experience that gets to be both profound and enticingly creative. Your self-expression is welcome here.
No matter how confused, disoriented and baffled you feel at the idea of building a robust astrological knowledge or practice — class after class, you will solidify your own unique, embodied relationship with the planets and awaken your senses to the magick within and without. 

Classes begin in October. Doors close on September 21. Payment plans available. 


Click on the button below to check out the course page and learn more about this incredible, transformative container. 

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