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Discussing Chiron — Is the Wounded Healer a Shaman?

Chiron. Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

Chiron is showing up a lot in my readings lately — most of my clients right now are from the Chiron in Aries generation, and they’re going through their Chiron return.
Unsurprisingly, my own understanding of this planetoid as an archetype, as a psychic function, as a driving force, is expanding and deepening, thanks to the exchange of energy between me and them.

One of my latest Chiron in Aries clients, someone with a rather brilliant, inquiring mind, wanted to know more about my own take on Chiron:

 “Although I have read a few definitions on Chiron and mythology, I haven’t had the chance to understand (or work with) the pattern in an astrological reading. You also mentioned Chiron as the ‘Shaman’ in one of your articles. Can you please let me know some of your thoughts on Chiron natal and transit, what type of a pattern Chiron is and what influences brings (as a concept)?”


My answer:

“I resonate with Chiron’s association with trauma, which of course is something that often prompts people on their own healing journey. True, once you come to terms with your own sense of woundedness and your own vulnerability, you acquire a depth that allows you to understand other people’s pain, but to merely say that we can become healers in spite of or because we are wounded, and letting this be the only defining feature of Chiron is, to me, an oversimplification. (Edit: not everyone is meant to, or intends to, heal others. This is legitimate. Sometimes, attempting to recover from our own trauma is enough.)
I think that Chiron awakens us to the multidimensional, sometimes contradictory complexity of human experience on Earth. I’m especially thinking about the concept of Soul loss / Soul retrieval in certain shamanic cultures (forms of shamanism are attested in Ancient Greece, too, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to associate this particular practice with an archetype originating from that part of the world) : the experience of pain and/or trauma causes us to detach from parts of our Soul in order to survive. We lose fragments of the Self to pain. Fragments that need to be retrieved so that our wholeness can be restored. It’s a journey indeed — a journey of healing, a journey of discovery, made of several incursions into our personal underworld. A journey that prompts us to look inward, practice introspection, acknowledge the non-linear course of pain and healing through the ongoing encounter with the very triggers that remind us of our flawed, fragmented Self. Lack and suffering become a portal to other dimensions of the Self.
Natal Chiron shows us where this portal is situated for us and where our personal journey of Soul retrieval can begin. Your Chiron in Aries can serve as an example — the assertive side of your own Self, the one that wants to affirm its own dignity and legitimacy, might have suffered this phenomenon of alienation, perhaps becoming “estranged” by the whole of your being and yet, trying to reclaim its space in your life. […] your proactive, assertive side, which is so deeply embedded in your whole personality & Soul, might have required an initiation into a Soul-seeking journey in order to be reclaimed and integrated.
Transiting Chiron through the Zodiac can be extremely subjective, because of course not every chart is going to be affected in the same way, but whenever Chiron contacts a point, planet or body, he can help us bringing that very element of our Chart into the open, unveiling its full potential. Why? Because it exposes the conditioning, coping strategies and repression that we might have been enacted out of self-preservation, smothering that particular function of our psyche. Thus, the multidimensional nature of our being is uncovered and allowed to unfold.
An example: my natal Chiron is not in Aries, but I do have a very Cardinal chart, with an Aries Mars and Midheaven, both aspected by Chiron. It wasn’t always easy for me to express my Aries side in a healthy way, and this Chiron transit is allowing me to unpack my traumatic anger (discovering the layers below what is apparent and taken for granted) and re-direct it. I am retrieving a part of myself that was either too overbearing or suppressed.”

This celestial body is relatively “young” as an astrological archetype, having been discovered in 1977. I feel that, in many ways, we are still in the process of understanding and integrating this energy, but it’s worth noting that its glyph ( ⚷ ) represents a key, implying that there is, indeed, a door to be opened somewhere…

Where is YOUR Chiron? What lost fragment are you reclaiming? And how is Chiron in Aries affecting the process? Let’s talk about it!

If you want to know more about your natal Chiron and/or how might Chiron in Aries affect you, you can request an astrology reading.


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    Mine is in 5th house, in Virgo. If what I read was correct, about it relating to health and creativity, than I could definitely say that I have experienced quite many blocks in these areas – especially in the need of expression and not trusting it (myself). And I really love what you wrote about it. What truly resonated with me were these words “healing through the ongoing encounter with the very triggers that remind us of our flawed, fragmented Self” and “it exposes the conditioning, coping strategies and repression that we might have been enacted out of self-preservation, smothering that particular function of our psyche” . Keep writing please!

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      Thank you so much, Julia, for your kind words and thorough feedback. I most certainly will! ♥


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