Capricorn Ascendant. Picture by Annette Keys on Unsplash.

Capricorn Ascendant Explained

With Capricorn as your rising sign, your approach to reality is shaped by your own personal integrity and sense of responsibility; strong-willed and practical, you face the world with determination and willingness to rise above personal struggles and succeed.

Because of this disposition, others tend to see you as a competent, dependable individual projecting an authoritative, yet dignified vibe. However, as serious-minded and put together as you might seem, you’re not immune to self-doubt and insecurities; behind your sober, prudent demeanor and your thick skin, there’s a down-to-earth, self-conscious human being who had to prematurely learn resilience and self-sufficiency, and might still be afraid of underperforming from time to time.

As a Capricorn Ascendant person, you may tend to be far harder on yourself than anyone else can be, yet you’re determined to keep your inner self-doubt from standing in the way of your achievements. You’re psychologically well-equipped to face the world, and ambition is a powerful tool that allows you to  pursue your goals and establish a respected, secure position in society.

This outer, impersonal façade dissolves once you open up emotionally, and people who have earned your trust are able to meet and appreciate your innermost personality and your real feelings, not to mention your dedication, reliability and trustworthiness.

Your sense of duty in regards to loved ones, career and social rules is strong and deep-seated, but you also possess enough self-respect to distance yourself from those that seem to exploit your dependability and resourcefulness to their own advantage.

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