Cancer Ascendant. Picture by Darrell Cassell on Unsplash.

Cancer Ascendant Explained

As a Cancer rising, you’re ruled by the Moon; naturally responsive to her movements, you seem to follow the same cyclical patterns of waxing and waning energy as well. This is why your moods are intense as much as they’re fluctuating; at times you wear your heart on your sleeve and you’re striving to share your deepest feelings with someone, other times you may be more withdrawn and self-protective.

You approach to life, however, retains emotion as a common denominator: deep and perceptive, you are sensitive to the impalpable undercurrents of feeling within and around you. Outer experiences are tirelessly processed on a deep, emotional level. Your sensitivity is so heightened that you tend to be easily hurt or emotionally triggered: when stressed out, you may become especially touchy. Too, in many ways, you can be childish: playful, affectionate, cuddly but also irritable and hungry for emotional validation.

In fact, Cancer as a sign has a strong affinity with childhood, and your emotional response to your surrounding is likely to be shaped by your upbringing. Details that invoke certain memories can stir up the deepest and most visceral feelings in you.

You’re generally a very reserved person, one people hardly get to know unless you purposely let them in yourself. Once this happens, they quickly discover a vivid inner world where emotions and imagination reign supreme. Being intuitive, you are also tuned in to non-verbal language, and appreciate someone who can pick up subtle cues as much as you do.

There is a sweet, nurturing side to your personality, affectionate and loyal sometimes to the point of clinginess, which is something you are skilled at hiding even though physical distance from loved ones is probably not something you handle well; far from being as cold or unfeeling as you sometimes pretend to be in order to shield yourself from suffering, it’s easy for you to become attached to people you care about. Your intuitive understanding of other people’s needs can be willingly or unwillingly weaponized to make people dependent on you, which brings us to the ‘shadow’ side of this sign. As a Cardinal type, you may find yourself trying to control your environment and people’s reactions through emotions, which is something you need to watch out for.  

The looks of Cancer rising people are rather distinctive: you probably appear gentle, with round facial features and watery, expressive eyes that convey your emotions better than words.

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Photo by Darrell Cassell on Unsplash.

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