Astrology Readings

I am in the process of revolutionizing my practice and my approach to readings, so I’ll soon update this page (and hopefully the whole site) with useful information about what I do and how I do it, but in the meantime: I practice a blend of Traditional/Hellenistic techniques and Modern Western Astrology; I use Whole Sign Houses as a house division method; I use Astrology as a tool to facilitate clarity, healing and empowerment.

Here is how you can obtain a reading:

In order to successfully perform an astrology reading, I need the following information:

  • Your day, month and year of birth (please state clearly which is which!);
  • Your time of birth, which has to be accurate as I don’t work with approximate birth times;
  • Your location of birth;
  • Feel free to inform me about your preferred pronouns, gender identity and so on!
  • Any details you would like me to tackle during the reading (IN-DEPTH INFORMATION = IN-DEPTH READING).

I can’t proceed and will refund your payment if the birth time is missing; at this time, I am not doing birth chart rectification.

Additionally, you can feel free to inform me about your astrological knowledge (basic, or advanced) so that I can adjust my language accordingly.

Readings are done only after the payment. Payments are to be made with PayPal. Once the payment is sent, please e-mail me at cristina [at] zodiacpoetryastrology [dot] com to provide your birth info and talk about the issues you’d like me to look into. Turnaround time is 1 week (10 days if I’m especially busy).

30-min astrology reading
E-mail reading
60 €
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60-min astrology reading
E-mail reading
105 €
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30-min astrology reading WITH 3-CARD TAROT SPREAD
E-mail reading
70 €
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60-min astrology reading WITH 3-CARD TAROT SPREAD
E-mail reading
115 €
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I’m only offering e-mail astrology readings at this time: this means the consultation is delivered in written form, with me keeping track of time while I type, and informing you accordingly. You can chose between a 30-min reading or a 60-min reading. You’re not charged for preparation; time is only tracked when I’m typing the actual e-mail. We’ll e-mail back and forth until we reach the selected timing. You’re encouraged to submit requests for clarification, but following up beyond simple clarification requires additional session time.

Should you notice an issue with your purchase, please drop me a line at cristina [at] zodiacpoetryastrology [dot] com. If you don’t hear from me after 24 hours from your first contact attempt, please check your spam folder.

If you’d rather start with a basic birth chart report, you can purchase one here.

If you have changed your mind and would rather purchase a Tarot reading, you can do so here.

I am not a licensed therapist; if you or your loved ones are suicidal or in other kind of danger, please do also seek the help of a medical professional or competent authority. Websites like 7cups or might also help.

Thank you for your trust. Looking forward to hear from you!