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The Astrology of October 2019 – Plutonian Winds

I didn’t know about the expression second wind until a few days ago. Apparently, this expression describes a phenomenon whereby someone – usually an athlete performing distance running, such as marathons or road running – who reaches physical exhaustion and depletion of willpower suddenly finds the strength to press on at top performance with less exertion.

While apparently there isn’t much scientific consensus on the phenomenon per se, all of us are probably familiar with the feeling and the concept. If anything, the description of second wind might remind us very closely of one of Scorpio’s best known traits – the ability to muster notable strength and resources in times of crisis, finding renewal and empowerment in the midst of chaos.

Such is the energy of October 2019, astrologically speaking. If there is something the upcoming month will not spare us, is the transformation, the renewal, the radicalization of change. October 2019 is a Scorpionic, Plutonian month. An all-or-nothing month. A month of intense polarization, strong visceral reactions, death and rebirth. However, in the midst of transition and upheaval, we will be definitely prompted to draw on the fortitude, resilience and bravery that already live within us and use them to push through, to move on, to rise up. We are hitting that bottom-line level of reality that perhaps scared us, perhaps thrilled us, lured us in, and we are more equipped to face the epiphany than we imagine.

It doesn’t matter where we’ve been or what we have done. October 2019 gifts us with the power of now – the chance to design ourselves anew, a stronger, more motivated, more capable version of ourselves. In spite of the struggles, the stress and the fear that haunted us in the past, or, quite possibly, because of them.

A square between Venus in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn kicks off the most intense month of the year, on October 1st. Relationships are being re-negotiated, bridges are being burnt, toxicity is being purged. Tension can and will build, at least until we agree to take a look at the truth beyond the comforting, pleasant veneer. It might disturb us, but it may also set us free.

The next day, on October 2nd, with Mercury’s ingress into Scorpio and Pluto’s direct station in Capricorn, we will witness the peak of a process of deterioration and decay – of roles, routines, and of course relationships. As a consequence, we may need to embrace a more contemplative mental space in order to absorb and process all the shifts and the endings that have taken place; the reflections that ensue are likely to be revisited multiple times, as Mercury also stations retrograde by the end of the month.

Mars enters Libra on October 4, emphasizing once more the need to confront any hidden issue in our relationship with the Self and the Other. Mars in Libra is quite merciless in his action of triggering eruptions and bringing up red flags we have chosen to ignore, but the outcome can be healthy if we choose to handle confrontations with honesty and empathy towards the other person.

On October 7, Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, while the Libra Sun receives a square from Saturn in Capricorn. Pressure and tension might feel almost unescapable, but there is a way out, and it’s in our minds – provided that they are open enough.

Venus descends into Scorpio on October 8, further helping us to push all hidden themes in our relationships to the limit. It’s time to explore our hidden desires and motives in relating to one another, face our fears and acknowledge the feelings we tried to bury deep down in regards to love and intimacy. Will we allow our relationships to control us via those hidden dynamics or will we take our power back?

A few days later, on October 12, Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, allowing us to channel the intensity towards meaningful change. At this point, we might very well know what we value, what we want more of, and what no longer satisfies our desires; we might feel ready to disrupt, to dismantle and to break free, and this opposition will motivate us to do just that.  

Then, on October 13, the Moon becomes full in feisty Aries, serving as the perfect outlet for all the tension and pressure that have been building up. Make no mistake, this plenilune is infused to the core with Plutonian energy: the Lord of the Underworld leaves his mark with an unrelenting square. The Jupiter signature is very much present as well, as this expansive planet supports the Moon via an encouraging trine. This latter aspect is like an injection of bravery that prompts us to walk straight into the mouth of the beast with a cheerful smile, fuelled by our own rage and passion, aware that we will come out on top. There will be a strong drive for significance, a willingness to be heard and seen, displays of willpower that accelerate situations all the way to the next level – or to the last chapter.

On October 14, with the Sun/Pluto square still in full force, a Pluto/Mercury sextile also brings in some supportive energy, allowing us to find the right words at the right time to express ourselves in the wake of such a charged Full Moon.

The day after, on October 15, Mercury in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces, allowing for a smooth flow of understanding and compassion.

October 23 marks the start of Scorpio season. By now, our vision has adjusted to the darkness and we have made ourselves at home in the depths. It’s time to celebrate the Scorpios in our life and to honour this energy through introspection, meditation and exploration of our innermost world. This is a good time of the year to reconnect with the Spirit world and perhaps call on our Ancestors, as Scorpio is known for its ties with Death and the underworld. Overall, it’s a great time to listen and to be attentive to the signals and vibes we get from our surroundings. 

The New Moon in Scorpio arrives on October 27, urging us to redefine the familiar, alter the habitual, alchemize the stagnant. Uranus sits on the other side of the sky, making a confrontational opposition to the Sun and the Moon. We’re planting revolutionary seeds of transformation in a fertile soil, so we better do that consciously, in harmony with the change that we want to see six months from now.

On October 30, Mercury and Venus meet in Scorpio, facilitating an intimate, if not charmingly morbid, communion of minds (and assorted body parts).

Mercury’s Retrograde station on October 31 closes the month on a pensive note, leaving us to process and internalize everything that took place and emerged to our consciousness over the course of the previous weeks.

(Pictured: Marian Wawrzeniecki (1863-1943), Death Appeases All, 1905.)

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