Astrology for Troubled Times #2 — Jupiter, Joy and Perspective

There is a reason why Jupiter is hailed as the Greater Benefic in traditional astrology. Whereas Saturn erects borders and fences, Jupiter sees and seeks horizons. Neptune might be inclined towards transcendence, if not sheer escapism, but Jupiter seeks meaning and growth in the here and now, and beyond.

Astronomically, everything about Jupiter spells copiousness and expansions, too. With its mass one-thousandth that of the Sun, this gas giant is the larger planet in our Solar System and boasts 79 known moons.

Larger-than-life and life-affirming, Jupiter as an astrological archetype takes its cues from the god of the sky and thunder and king of the gods in Ancient Roman religion and mythology, with the Greek Zeus being his equivalent.

The adjectival form jovial, originated from astrology in the Middle Ages, has come to mean cheerful,  merry — traits ascribed to Jupiter’s influence. Even in modern, psychological astrology, Jupiter has somewhat retained this propitious symbolism of confidence, luck and optimism. It is common knowledge that Jupiter might not simply bestow blessings on our lap without the slightest effort on our part, but, on the other hand, our natal Jupiter placement can provide important clues in regards to the places where we find joy and fulfilment, what motivates us to push through, what keeps us going, what lends us a sense of faith in the way life unfolds.  

In the words of astrologer Deborah Houlding:

 “Jupiter is the largest of all the planets, aptly reflecting its principle of drawing us towards a sense of fullness and offering a grander, more expansive vision of reality. It expresses the qualities of abundance, freedom, growth and fertility; broadening our horizons and bringing relief from the restraints that cause us to view the world in narrow, constricting terms. Its sense of liberation allows us to move, explore, think and act with greater acknowledgement of the power of our own self-will.”

In Ancient Rome, Jupiter’s primary sacred animal was the eagle, a powerful bird of prey characterized by remarkable visual acuity and flying speed. Similarly, astrological Jupiter deals with the aerial view. Catching a glimpse of the big picture allows us to spot the patterns that govern our earthly existence, to recognize every challenge and crisis as part of a unified human experience, and to realize that said challenges and crises are but chapters in a broader narrative. To acknowledge that there is always more — more is, indeed, a prominent Jovian keyword —, more to life than struggle, more to whatever we’re going through than what we are able to process at the moment, more laughter to be had, more joy and pleasure to be felt if we make it through. And we will. We always do.

 Jupiter says you’ve got this.

Whenever we make the effort to remind ourselves that we are enough, that we deserve to be loved even though we may struggle with loving ourselves in the first place, that’s our Jupiter talking. Whenever we tell ourselves that everything will work out in the end, and if it doesn’t, it’s not the end, that’s the voice of Jupiter. Whenever we feel ready to trust wholeheartedly, yet again, even though life has made us feel vulnerable and betrayed, that’s Jupiter. When we count our blessings. When we take what resonates, and leave the rest. When we honour the learning experience hidden at the core of our failures. When we bounce back and start over. Jupiter is all of this, and, of course, more.

Jupiter widens our perception, makes a way where there seems to be none, pushes us to keep going when the going gets rough.

Wherever Jupiter sits in our chart, we are greeted by wide open spaces that allow us to break free from the solitary confinement of our own pain. Our natal Jupiter placement is the portal to a deeper, wider, greater understanding. A path to our Higher Mind and to a higher consciousness. A ray of hope and a surge of faith. Jupiter is our lighthouse in the midst of a tempestuous sea.

Working with our Jupiter allows us to elevate above our current circumstances, to contextualize, to become aware that this too, shall pass. And it does sound like sheer platitude most times, save for when we’re stuck into a pit of despair and we’d give anything to have someone tell us those very words, whether or not they’re true. And to be honest? They are. It will. It always does.

Tiny Zodiac quasi-Poems for Jupiter through the Signs

Where and how can we access deeper wisdom and understanding? How can we weave together a sense of meaning and truth? How do we go about finding a sense of purpose, or the motivation we need to push through? How can we invite more joy and blessings into our life? The placement of our natal Jupiter can answer these questions, and infuse us with a sense of reach and possibility.

  • JUPITER IN ARIES. Just do it. Doing is your saving grace.  Knowing that there is always something you can do at any given time, always a risk you can take in order to test your ability to emerge victorious, undefeated.   Rise up. Choose your battle. Be the hero you’re waiting for.
  • JUPITER IN TAURUS. Reclaim pleasure as your Divine birthright. Make acts of love and pleasure your rituals. It doesn’t end with the body, but perhaps it starts with the body, and continues with the body. Through the heavenly smells, breathtaking sights, and delectable tastes, and earth-shattering orgasms, and silky caresses life is eager to gift to you.
  • JUPITER IN GEMINI. However much you have lost, trust that your voice can never be taken from you. Nor does all the information flowing to and through you. Find your way through connecting the dots, collecting bits and pieces, sharing your side of the story. Someone is always listening.
  • JUPITER IN CANCER. Your heart is expanding, in spite of or precisely because of tears. And when your heart will be wide enough to become your very own safe space, you will be able to nurture and be nurtured. To mother — regardless of gender — and be mothered. To hold and feel held, always.
  • JUPITER IN LEO. You’re here because the world would die without sunshine. You’re here because you have a warm and fiery Soul, so much that your own glow could be seen from space if only you fully stepped into your power and accepted your mission of helping others shining their light, by setting the perfect example.
  • JUPITER IN VIRGO. ‘Chaos is order yet undeciphered’, wrote José Saramago in one of his novels. If someone can be tasked not only with deciphering the chaos, but also to turn it into a tool for perfecting the lives of those you come in contact with, that is most definitely you.
  • JUPITER IN LIBRA. This world needs many things, but justice is perhaps the most needed of all. Whenever we give up on justice — for ourselves, for others, the world dies a little bit. Don’t let this be the case. Let your struggle be a testament to the radical, irrepressible beauty of justice.
  • JUPITER IN SCORPIO.  One day you’ll look back and realize you will have experienced the full depth and breadth of existence, the highs, the lows, the darkness, the light, the pain, the bliss. Suffering is temporary, but your power can only grow stronger.
  • JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS. The world is made of stories told, taught, woven into the collective history of humanity. Yours is in there, somewhere, and it’s engrossing, amusing, inspiring. Somebody out there needs to laugh and cry with you, to know how far you’ve come, in spite of everything that tried to bring you down.
  • JUPITER IN CAPRICORN.  In the midst of upheaval and chaos, do what an age-old stone pillar does best. Because after the dust has settled, there you will be, still standing, powerful and ancient enough to carry the world on your shoulders.
  • JUPITER IN AQUARIUS. When all else fails you, know that your Soul family, the people you have chosen as friends and companions, have your back. Real, heart-based connections can only evolve and grow stronger in times of hardship.
  • JUPITER IN PISCES. Grace is your strength, and faith is your compass. Faith doesn’t need tangible proof. You don’t need to see, in order to believe. You don’t need to know what comes next, in order to trust that you’re safe and protected.  

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