Aries Ascendant Explained

With your ascendant in fiery Aries, you interact with the surrounding environment in a dynamic, impulsive fashion; the world presents itself to you as a set of exciting challenges that offer you key opportunities to advance in life and fulfil your desires. You have an achievement-oriented personality, with a distinct competitive streak.

You are likely to carry yourself with vigor, alertness and intensity, being extremely aware of what you want, and always ready to pursue your ambitions. Generally spontaneous, you don’t see any reason to withhold your instincts, opinions or beliefs, or to censor yourself to accommodate other people’s view of your person.

You’re forthright, generally honest, and love to come out ahead in all that you do. Quick and direct, you’re sometimes guilty of doing before even thinking, which can sometimes lead to complex consequences; yet, your intentions are almost always pure and devoid of any malicious thought, almost as though you’re still a child at heart. And much like an infant, you can get easily excited about the things that make you feel alive, even though you sometimes get carried away with eagerness, and may end up pushing your agenda onto others.

Interaction with others can indeed present some issues for a person who is self-aware and at times intensely self-absorbed as you. You probably don’t have a lot of patience for others, their issues or their timing (being impulsive and deliberate, you think, act and decide faster than most people), and it’s more natural for you to focus on yourself, living your life independently if necessary. You are able to get along amicably with anyone as long as they don’t stand in the way of your freedom and personal goals, but you can become outspoken, if not confrontational, if you perceive to be threatened or thwarted in your pursuits.

Sometimes, the fact that other people might have different needs than yours or a deeper sensitivity that you might unwillingly hurt, is lost on you. Always on the go, and deeply engrossed in your life and concerns, you might occasionally have a hard time with being considerate, although never on purpose.

On the other hand, your pride is strong, and you notice almost immediately when someone is being disrespectful in your regards. You may have a short fuse, but you tend not to dwell on past grudges for too long. Your aspiration is to live in the present moment after all, charging forward towards the objects of your desire.

Aries rising often gives very pronounced and expressive eyebrows and cheekbones, and regal nose; also, the body is usually at least agile, if not downright athletic. Since you’re so dynamic and passionate, physical activity is a necessary outlet to burn off excess energy.

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Photo by David Garry on Unsplash.

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