Aquarius Ascendant. Picture by Kerem Karaarslan on Unsplash.

Aquarius Ascendant Explained

Aquarius is the diurnal domicile of Saturn, ruler of structures, boundaries, frames, anything and everything which shapes, contains and restrains. Being ruled by Saturn, you often find yourself in the role of the outsider looking in — the one who is beyond the barricade, outside the box, able to see things from a detached, lucid perspective.

You may come across as someone aloof, unique, with offbeat ideas and ways that do not necessarily conform to the status quo. You know which rules to abide to and which ones to break. You process the reality around you with cold and detached curiosity, that allows for a logical assessment of different contexts and situations: a sociologist at heart.

Being Aquarius the sign that rules community, you have an especially clear and overarching outlook on society, that allows you to recognize unity in the diversity, and individuality among the masses, thus it comes effortless to you to mix with people from all walks of life.

Your intellect is highly pronounced and operates at the intersection between past and future; where we come from and where we’re going. The way past programming shapes the present and the present circumstances impact our understanding of history isn’t lost on you.

You like to take part in a good debate and share your interests with likeminded people. You’re interested in
social causes, and in living by your principles of freedom, equality and fraternity. Highly idealistic, you
believe in the betterment of humanity and your opinions are based on multi-layered dimensions of

Because you’re used to march to the beat of your own drum, you sometimes might feel as a maverick,  often misunderstood because of your quirks and unorthodoxies, but this very same weirdness is what allows you to form genuine connections with your chosen family of kindred spirits.

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Photo by Kerem Karaarslan on Unsplash.

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