Meet the poet

I’m Cristina (Libra Sun, Cancer rising, 2/4 Manifestor), and I’m glad you found your way to this space.

A lunar being in a solar world, I was born five minutes before midnight, with both the Sun in Libra, and Luna as the ruler of my nativity, sitting on the Imum Coeli, the lowest, most nocturnal point of the chart. I've always been an introspective, nocturnal creature ever since I can remember.

Astrology claimed me in late 2009 and it’s been quite the journey ever since. 

After studying a contemporary, mostly person-centered iteration of Astrology for a decade, I felt the need to reinvent my approach to this sacred language. Nowadays, the way I practice Astrology is heavily rooted in the Hellenistic tradition, while still retaining humanistic and psychological elements.

My astrological practice is a conduit for sacred unravelling, astro literacy and cosmic intimacy. I'm here to incite a relational awareness of the Universe we live in. I'm here to make its magic accessible, tangible and real.

I am mostly self-taught, even though I was lucky enough to meet an incredible, amazing mentor on my path in the person of Jason Fleming of Sagittarian Mind. I routinely supplement my ongoing study and research with materials from Demetra George and Kelly Surtees; I never truly stopped being a student of Astrology, and at this point I doubt I ever will.

I also hold a M. A. in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology from the University of Bologna, Italy. When I’m not studying, daydreaming or hiking on the mountains surrounding my home near Lake Como, Italy, I’m either listening to music, playing music, or writing songs.